Back to Nature

Back to Nature

Wednesday, 18 November 2015 18:38

Re-claim Your General Health

Would you like to optimize your general health, to feel good in your body every day?

Do you wonder what changes you could make to prevent the deterioration of your general health?
Hippocrates, who is the father of modern medicine, responded to all these questions 2000 years ago by offering the following solution: "Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food."
Virtually all diseases trace some of their causes back to a poor diet, lacking in the essential nutrients that the body needs in order to perform properly.
Today's highly processed and refined foods do not include the fundamentals elements that our bodies require, while also containing synthetic additives that are detrimental to our health.


How can we expect our general health to thrive if we continue to feed our bodies with this empty, lifeless, junk food? Furthermore, as the body loses its overall strength due to malnutrition, the introduction of conventional medicine to balance our body's health merely shocks our systems, and helps create the disease-generating cycle that many of us find ourselves trapped in today.

Breaking the Circle and Bringing Nature Back to Our Lives

Changing long held habits is the most challenging part of switching to a healthier lifestyle. So start gradually, if that is more appropriate for you, and keep it simple. You don't have to be an expert to regain your general health. Here are some simple steps that will get you started.

  • Gradually remove all refined and inorganic foods, including soft drinks, from your diet.
  • Nurture your body by eating natural, fresh, healthy food.
  • Try to exercise each day.
  • Introduce herbs to your life. Incorporate them in your recipes, and drink herbal tea instead of coffee or regular tea.
  • Water is essential to our general health. Soft drinks do not provide all the benefits of water, so be sure to include pure water in your diet.
  • Sunlight is also important to our general health. A lack of sunlight can cause serious health problems, so get out in the sun when you can.
  • Use nutritional and herbal supplements wisely to help overcome any nutritional deficiencies you might be suffering, which can ultimately lead to illness. Choose a high quality nutritional supplement that includes all the essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, nutrients, herbs and herbal extracts that your body needs to function correctly.
  • Within a short while, you should notice the difference in your body as your energy levels improve and your immune system strengthens. These improvements are the key to optimizing your health.

Make the right choices and improve your health.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015 17:52

Wheatgrass Benefits You Should Know About

Most people do not know the many health benefits of wheatgrass.

In fact, because of the many health benefits of wheatgrass; wheatgrass is often regarded as one of nature's greatest gifts.

Wheatgrass is also classified to be one of the "superfoods" because of its nutritional content, cell regeneration and cleansing capabilities.

Wheatgrass Health Benefits

The health benefits of wheatgrass are quite amazing. You may know by now that wheatgrass is a complete source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. In terms of vitamin and mineral content, it is exceptionally abundant.

Wheatgrass has been found to contain eleven times more calcium than found in cow's milk, five times more iron than in spinach, seven times more vitamin C than oranges, four times more vitamin B1 than in whole wheat, and is one of the most abundant sources of vitamin B12.

Other Wheatgrass Benefits

Many wheat grass benefits stem from the fact that it is rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has been proven to have cleansing effect on the blood, which means that it can help your body rid of harmful toxins.

Chlorophyll also increases the production of hemoglobin in the blood and helps strengthen the immune system. In addition, wheatgrass is rich in antioxidants in the form of vitamins B, C and E and beta carotene which all help release the free radicals in the body.

Wheatgrass and Cancer

Another claimed benefit of wheatgrass is its anti-cancer ability, specifically due to selenium and laetrile which are anti-cancer compounds found abundantly in wheatgrass. It is believed that cancer cells like acidic atmosphere, and wheatgrass helps alkalize the body. With wheatgrass, the body becomes unidyllic for cancer cells to continue to thrive.

Why Wheatgrass Should be Part of Your Diet

Wheatgrass is commonly taken in as juice form. Most wheatgrass powder available in health stores are naturally formulated with flavor great enough to make it a wonderful juice drink. The benefits of drinking wheatgrass are not only due to its high nutritional content.

Wheatgrass is also a complete source of protein and amino acids, making it essential for cell regeneration and growth. Many bodybuilders and gym goers usually include a glass of wheatgrass juice at least once in their daily diet to promote their much desired muscle growth.

How to Take Wheatgrass

You can easily incorporate wheatgrass into your diet. Note that the uses for wheatgrass powder is not only limited to drinking it in juice form. Many people use the powder form as an additional ingredient for cooking a variety of hot and cold dishes. Moreover, many people find dietary supplementation with wheatgrass to be most convenient. So, if you do not like the taste of wheatgrass juice but would like to have a share of wheatgrass benefits, you have other options to choose from. You might either choose a wheatgrass as a standalone health supplement or as part of a superfood supplement.

Wheatgrass Side Effects

Intake of wheatgrass in normal amounts usually does not lead to any unpleasant side effects. However, mega doses of the wheatgrass have been found to results to some side effects which may include headache, nausea, discoloration of teeth and hives.

Many reported wheatgrass side effects have been linked to contamination of soil constituents. Needless to say, the many wheatgrass benefits far outweigh all possible side effects.

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